It Really is All About You 

Being a real estate agent is all about service. And in order to provide you with great service, I will take the time to understand your goals, needs, preferences, and dreams.  For most people, buying or selling a property is one of the most important decisions to be made.  It's simultaneously an investment decision and a lifestyle decision. My most important job is to help you make a great decision.

OK, Perhaps Some Of This Is About Me :) 

With a long history of service oriented industries (consulting, business owner, income property management, landlord, and educator), I bring a combination of negotiating, communication, marketing, and time management skills that will create win-win transactions for you.  As you read the testimonials below, you'll see a consistent focus on collaboration that leads to your success.  I look forward to working with you.
David Schamus 

Patrice Washburne

Adjunct Professor - CSUN - Department of Communications

“There are not enough letters in the alphabet, or words in the English language to describe how highly I regard David Schamus.  Thirty years ago, when I was renting an apartment in Sherman Oaks, as a friend, Dave guided me to the possibility of home ownership. I was inspired that he owned income property, and he showed me how I could too!


I knew that Dave had completed his real estate courses and was studying for the exam at the same time I was about to list one of my income properties.  I met with Dave to go over his recommendations on what home improvements I needed to do, when to list, and price point.  His suggestions proved flawless. I did the necessary improvements, listed in May and sold my investment home quickly for more than I alone would have thought possible.


David Schamus is reliable, honest, and a source of great strength when planning any major life decision, such as the buying or selling of your home.  You would be making a great decision by placing yourself in Dave’s capable hands.”


Julie & Bob

West Hills Home Sold

Working with Dave on selling our home in West Hills was a FANTASTIC experience; seamless, professional and experienced realtor! Thank you David Schamus for all your help to us!

Cambria Ravenhill

Alliances Program and Product Marketing - TELUS

“…[he] was team-lead for most of the marketing strategies. All this, and he kept his sense of humor!  I’d work with Dave again in a minute, and highly recommend him without reservation.”

Patti Fausset

Conejo Valley Unified School District

"I would recommend him highly and have in the past"

Jay Shapiro

Mechanical Engineer

"In the 80’s, starting a family and a career as an engineer, I was looking for an affordable rental home.  Dave had a fixer that he was working on renovating, but it was “not yet ready for prime time.” Bottom line, we got reduced rent on the property and Dave got a Mechanical Engineer (me) who did multiple repairs to the home. This agreement was great for both of us and helped me get my life started and we have now been friends for decades.  Even in the 80’s, Dave’s understanding of the value of real estate, and his ability to find solutions that worked for everyone was inspiring.  Today, my wife and I own a great home in Woodland Hills.  I would recommend Dave to anyone looking to buy or sell a home"

Larry Lace

Educational Services Manager - Ixia

“…Dave is extremely intelligent and is able to work well under pressure.  He is very organized, methodical on how approaches problems, and is a very good troubleshooter.  Many a time, Dave was able to quickly determine a solution to a problem that others had not able to resolve previously. … He delivers information in a manner that is very easy to understand, many times simplifying complex topics into analogies that are much simpler to grasp.  In addition, he is humorous and quick-witted. …”

Frank Burris, Ph.D.

Director, EISTM Department (ret). UCLA Extension

“…a very creative individual with excellent written and oral communications skills.  He has a high maturity level and high ethical standards.  He also enjoys interacting with others very much and he does it very well.  Furthermore, he is highly motivated…”

Sharon K.

" It was a pleasure working [with] Dave, and I would recommend him to any prospective employer. "

Toby Partridge

Product Analyst - iBASEt

“…I had the pleasure of working with Dave on several group projects. His enthusiasm for the work help me through many a tough time of balancing work, education, and home life. His hard work and dedication to the projects was a breath of fresh air in relation to other team projects I had worked on. I knew I could count on Dave to deliver high-quality work on time. I also enjoyed his intellect and humor so much so that we remain friends to this day (7 years after the program ended). Dave is certainly someone to count on in all situations, and I would highly recommend him and his work."

Padmanabhan (Paddy) Killamangalam

Senior Manager - Deloitte Tax

“…Dave is a great team player and continually shares his skills, knowledge and ideas.”

Brad Peppard

Vice President, Direct Marketing - Quarterdeck

"Dave Schamus built Quarterdeck's training department from the ground up. He started with a desk and a phone (and a computer). Before he was done his fully staffed department was not only spectacularly successful, it was even profitable. Training, under Dave's guidance, became a strategic asset that helped Quarterdeck close Fortune 100 corporate sales, keep key clients happy, and measurably reduced the burden on our Tech Support Department. Dave is a true professional, and a delight to work with. "

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